Flathead Mesa, 1067 GUE

     Flathead Mesa (A)
     Overhead view of Mesa (A)
     Flathead Mesa outskirts (from tower) (A)
     Walking Castle arrives at Mesa (A) / (B)
     Yannick's Inquizivision speech (A)
     Magic burst on radio tower (A)
     Inquizivision destroyed (A) / (B)
     Flathead Mesa node: 138


The Flathead Mesa was a towering natural monument near Port Foozle. From these heights, the Grand Inquisitor would preach his messages to the assemblage gathered below during the Second Inquisition.

On Frobuary 35th, 1067 GUE, the Grand Inquisitor planned to unveil his diabolical new creation, Inquizivision, from the technological establishment that had been erected upon the top of Flathead Mesa. Fortunately his dream would never be unleashed. For AFGNCAAP, who would later become the Fourth Dungeon Master, used the Inquisitor's radio tower against him. Three lost relics, necessary to return magic to Zork, were placed at certain points upon the tower (the Skull of Yoruk, being the receptacle of deep magic, went in the glass dome at the bottom; a Cube of Foundation, being the container of middle magic, went in the nook halfway up the tower; and the Coconut of Quendor, being the symbol for high magic, went in one of the balls of the wind gauge thingy at the top of the tower). Spotting AFGNCAAP, the Grand Inquisitor attempted to foil the plain, but was too late. The unknown adventurer cast MAXOV upon the antenna, binding the magics. A wave of energy shot out across the landscape, knocking the Grand Inquisitor from the tower, returning the totemized victims to their original form, and ushering in the Second Age of Magic.