Phloid Flathead was the fifth king of the Flathead Dynasty. He came to the throne after his brother Timberthrax, and was succeeded by Mumberthrax. He reigned from Egreth Castle in the years 738~755 GUE.

Although by the birth of Dimwit Flathead (723 GUE), it was already clear that Frobwit’s son Timberthrax would never produce an heir to the throne, he was still the next in line to the royal crown. Phloid Flathead's diaries, still well-preserved after so many centuries, make it clear that even he had come to despair of ever becoming king.

Throughout his childhood, Phloid's first-born son, Mumberthrax, was incessantly taunted and tormented by Timberthrax. Even the enigmatic Phloid was less than kind to own son. Perhaps embittered by the long wait for the throne, both Timberthrax and Phloid were not particularly nice individuals, and were constantly taking pains to make Mumberthrax clearly aware of how unbelievably insignificant he was in the grander scheme of things. Years of this torment would force Mumberthrax to become ingrained with one of the greatest inferiority complexes history has ever, and logically came to extend his own feeling of unimportance to include that of his dozen children.

Phloid Flathead finally succeeded his brother Timberthrax in 738 and ruled the kingdom for 17 years. By this king’s reign, a young warlock named Krill who would figure so importantly in both the East and Westlands some two centuries later, was already beginning to test the limits of his magical powers. After the repeated series of earthquakes that heralded the arrival of Krill's fledgling strength, Phloid himself had recurring nightmares that showed a noble and brave young warrior matching Krill in magical combat. A search of the city ordered by the Flathead monarch after this portent brought Syovar into royal service after a mere dozen years of magical training, and barely four decades of life. Phloid was succeeded by his son Mumberthrax in 755.

Phloid also gave birth to a son named Fiorello Flathead, of whose son, Loowit Flathead assumed the throne in 789 GUE after the death of Dimwit.

The dueling technique, "Phloid's Void" may have been named after this Flathead monarch.