Timberthrax Flathead was the fourth king of the Flathead Dynasty. He came to the throne after his father Frobwit, and was succeeded by his brother Phloid. He reigned from Egreth Castle in the years 727~738.

By the year 725 GUE, it was already clear that Timberthrax would never produce an heir to the throne, yet he was still next in line to the royal crown. Perhaps embittered by the long wait for the throne, both Timberthrax and Phloid were not particularly nice individuals, and were constantly taking pains to make Mumberthrax (Phloid's first-born son) clearly aware of how unbelievably insignificant he was in the grander scheme of things. Mumberthrax incessantly taunted and tormented his nephew Mumberthrax throughout his childhood, along with the enigmatic Phloid. After years of this torment, Mumberthrax becoming ingrained with one of the greatest inferiority complexes history has ever, and logically came to extend his own feeling of unimportance to include that of his dozen children. When Timberthrax Flathead finally succeeded his father Frobwit the Flatter in 727 GUE, he ruled the kingdom for 11 years until his brother Phloid took the throne in 738 GUE.