Flatheadia Fudge was formed in 785 GUE, when in one errant stroke of wayward magic, the Wizard of Frobozz accidentally transformed the entire West Wing of Flatheadia into a mountain of fudge. Both above and underground, the veins of fudge washed lusciously into area streams and ponds, and being magic, affected whatever ate it. These mutations included magic chocolate frogs, hills of chocolate-covered ants, chocolate turtles swimming in unusually luscious-looking ponds, and even chocolate rabbits.

It was immediately declared illegal to eat Flatheadia Fudge (as it had become known) and local authorities were ordered to run a billboard campaign with the slogan “Stop Eating My Castle!” It took more than a year for it to be rebuilt. During the rebuilding period, tons of the sweet chocolate was squirreled away in vaults while fresh foundations and tunnels were created throughout the valley floor, ostensibly to replace the original west wing, and yet the faint smell of fudge would always be hanging in the air.

In order to melt down the pieces of fudge that his castle had been turned into, Lord Dimwit Flathead built a fudge-melting plant in Fenshire. However, when the fudge was sent to be melted, several of the balloons carrying it were hit, and the fudge made its way onto the street where it was sold on the black market. The Flatheadian Fudge reserves were mammoth, and entire mounds were left beneath the rocky soil. Many of these sealed entrances, still today, dot the regions surrounding the White House. (see 'Fudge Mines' for more information)

Despite its rarity, digging for Flatheadia Fudge was still very illegal in the Second Age of Magic (laws in the Great Underground Empire had not kept up with the times). This contraband was said to be some darn good fudge, thus these excellent, magically potent edibiles have always commanded high prices with gourmands everywhere, ensuring that the Wizard of Frobozz will never be forgotten as a klutz and as a candymaker.

Flatheadia Fudge is one of the prime components needed to make Frobozzian Magic Cocoa of Concentration.