The flames of the magical flickering torches continually dance wildly on the brink of extinction. Before going to the great Torch Room in the sky, a guttering torch will give a last flick.

One flickering torch, found in Flatheadia Castle, 883 GUE, gave its last flicker on Curse Day of that year. According to the bickering torch of the same castle, everyone liked the flickering one more than him.

As an act of sheer will-power, flickering torches are able to keep burning, such as was demonstrated with one found in a torch-holder on the outside of the Stone Barrow, near the White House sometime between circa 966~1000 GUE. This torch had previously spent its life in dark caves, surrounded by horrible grues. According to it, the negative energy defined it and forced it to develope its flicker. After beginning to get in touch with its inner wick, it accepted that fact that it was afraid of dark caves and fought against the flicker. One method it used was repeating to itself, "I will not flicker. I will not flicker," visualizing itself becoming bright and brighter, "I am a star. I am the sun!" and shunning others for "shining negative energy" on it. A famous quote sparked by this torch was, "Bravery is being the torch you are, even when others would impose external standards on how you should behave." This flickering torch, along with a cowardly bickering torch that rested in the sconce on the opposite side of the barrow entrance, were wielded by Brog when he descended into the grue breeding ground beneath the White House to recover the legendary Skull of Yoruk which had been enshrined there. This brave torch retained its flame the entire trip, adamantly refusing to  give its last flick.