Laying Convervatory Foundations, c. 923~4 GUE
                Flood Control Dam #7, 949 GUE -- (A) / (B) / (C) / (D) / (E) / (F) / (G)
                Topography Maps (River entering lake not shown) -- (A) / (B)


Just south of its origin, the flow of the Frigid River Branch is impeded by Flood Control Dam #7, causing a tremendous reservoir to be backed up behind the dam. Built sometime between 783~924 GUE (presumably as part of Dimwit Flathead's dam projects) on the border of what is today the Aragain and Desert River Provinces, this dam was one of many which followed the heels of the original Flood Control Dam #3. When the sluice gates are closed, a massive spillway cascades water down three stone tiers, each step equipped with a small pump house.

The Frigid River Branch Conservatory lies near the dam's base on the river's eastern shore.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Nemesis (game, design documents)