Saint Foobus of Galepath, a legendary man said to have power over lowly insects, has a holiday in his honor on 4 Oracle of each year. He was granted sainthood sometime prior to 883 GUE. One of the most obscure spots in the Great Underground Empire is a cleverly hidden shrine to Foobus, deep underground in the Eastlands near the peak of the Great Underground Mountain. This shrine holds a statue of the saint carved out of the wall of the cave. The sculptor of the statue obviously spent a lot more time on the statue than the saint deserved.

It is now known that Foobus achieved his powers over insects with the aid of a magical elixir deadly to humans (causing the brain to fry). The one who touched the elixir experienced a wave of ecstasy, accompanied by a brief desire to spin a cocoon, collect sap, and eat animal excrement. Though the feeling quickly passes, the increase of dexerity lasts, enabling one to even catch flies with bare hands.

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero