Frobar was the most loyal and hard-working member of the Accardi Guild of Enchanters. However, he was somewhat dull and lacked imaginations, thus he was never a likely canidate to become head of the Circle of Enchanters. His quarters at the Guild Hall was nearly barren, matching his personality. Boiled chives were Frobar's favorite dish which he usually ate late at night.

In 957 GUE, Frobar noticed the recent bizarre quirks in Belboz's personality when he had secretly been possessed by the demon Jeearr. On the day that the unknown sorcerer rescued the great necromancer, Frobar had taken the apprentices into town to shop at the marketplace for the Guild picnic, as well as praying in the town's temple. It has been theorized, that had the sorcerer accompanied Frobar into town, that Jeearr would have succeded in his plan for world domination.

SOURCE(S): Sorcerer