Sometime during the first half of the tenth century, M.K. Frobbsworth came across some items that he believed were pertinent to the collection of General Thaddeus Kaine. These included a sword that masks as a snake and Chloe the Cannon. Although he offered to arrange a showing at Kaine's convenience, it is unknown if this meeting was ever initiated.

This is a copy of the letter which M.K. Frobbsworth composed to Kaine:

I have found some items pertinent to your excellent collection—the most remarkable weapons of assassinations—a sword that masks as a snake, and a clever cannon disguised as a cat. Lord Flathead himself commissioned the menagerie of arms to prove his compassion for animals runs as deep as his nature is violent. I will arrange a showing at your convenience.
M.K. Frobbsworth

SOURCE(S): Zork Nemesis (game, design documents)