Having been previously abandoned, Grand Inquisitor Mir Yannick resurrected the famed Frobozz Magic Company as the Frobozz Electric Company in 1047 GUE with the mottos, "We bring bad things to light!", "We bring good things to ourselves!", "We are the boss of you", "Leave the thinking to us!", "Giving you something to conform to!", "Brain washing the general populance twenty-four hours a day!" and "Reach out and totemize someone!" He became the company's CEO. While the Frobozz Magic Company obviously produced magic-based products, the Frobozz Electric Company replaced the former line of manufacturing with technological based merchandise. One example is with the Second Inquisition's intent to destroy all magical objects, the common brass lantern became rare and was replaced with courtesy flashlights. The most popular product of Frobozz Electic was the totemizer, the curfew system, and the infamous "Propaganda on Parade" newsreel. 

The headquarters of Frobozz Electric was the Steppinthrax Monastery near Port Foozle. Because Frobozz Electric owned all patented technology in the land, as long as the Inquisition could keep magic from the people,could rule the populace as he pleased. When Yannick was defeated in 1067, and magic returned to the land, it is assumed that Frobozz Electric dissolved and its remnants rebirthed the Frobozz Magic Company.

Frobozz Electric Adventureworks ZRK
Frobozz Electric Alarm
Frobozz Electric Auto-lighting Cigar (implied)
Frobozz Electric Computer Investigator (patent #10101001)
Frobozz Electric Flash (implied)
Frobozz Electric Hungus Prod
Frobozz Electric Installer (patent #1278123)
Frobozz Electric Lamp
Frobozz Electric Publishing ("Obedience Monthly" and "Conformer Reports" complete with incessant phone soliciations)
Frobozz Electric Puzzle Solver
Frobozz Electric Registration Device
Frobozz Electric Telegraph Type
Frobozz Electric Totemizer
Frobozz Electric Wizard Repellent (Anti-Magic Repellent) "Kills wizards, dead!"

Frobozz Electric was also responsible for the Perma series, which produced the Perma-suck vacuum and Perma-seal.
Frobozz Adventureworks ZRK was a subsidiary of Frobozz Electric.