Frobozz Magic Balloon


The Frobozz Magic Balloon was composed of an extremely heavy wicker basket, an enormous cloth bag (which was firmly attached to the basket), and a metal receptacle fastened to the center of the basket. When afloat, this aerial vehicle could be anchored by the tying of its braided wire. It was not only helium and hydrogen that would lift such devices, these balloons could be carried aloft by hot air manufactured in the receptacle by the burning of something which produced heat.

Although not entirely magical in nature, Frobozz Magic Balloons had some incantations built into them, as the user was informed of upon purchase:

Hello, Aviator!
Instructions for use:
   To get into balloon, say 'Board'
   To leave balloon, say 'Disembark'
   To land your balloon, say LAND
Otherwise, you're on your own!

   No warranty is expressed or implied. 
You're on your own, sport!
     Good Luck.

SOURCE(S): Zork II, The Zork Chronicles, Zork Quest IV:Conquest at Quendor