Two adventurers ride a Frobozz
Magic Boat over the Aragain Falls


The most common Frobozz Magic Boat was an inflatable seaworhty boat that when deflated, could be folded up into a pile of plastic. To inflate, one only had to pump it with an appropriate air pump. Known not durable enough to survive the rocks at bottoms of waterfalls, the boat's thin plastic also made it seriously susceptible to sharp objects (these should be placed carefully within).

Instructions for use (as reprinted from the small tan label included with each):

Hello, Sailor!
Instructions for use:

   To get into boat, say 'Board'
   To leave boat, say 'Disembark'
   To get into a body of water, say "Launch".
   To get to shore, say "Land" or the direction in which you want to maneuver
the boat.

  This boat is guaranteed against all defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 76 milliseconds from date of purchase or until first used, whichever comes first.

   This boat is made of thin plastic.
   Good Luck!

SOURCE(S): Zork I, Zork I:The Forces of Krill