The Frobozz Magic Boots with unique ion-reversing tips, made them the company's most energy-efficient invigorating boots. As described in a 966 GUE Frobozz Magic Equipment catalogue, "You wouldn't expect boots this attractive to be practical -- but they are! As your body sloughs off energy (and you know it will!), our unique ion-reversing tips capture and recycle it. And the process is so subtle, you'll feel nothing but great. You'll wonder how you ever got along without them. Exceptionally comfortable with flexible all-rubber soles and soft, rounded lugs. Fits like a glove. These are our best-selling boots ever. Please measure feet carefully, as all boots are made to order and cannon be returned."

In 966 GUE, these boots could be purchased direct from the Frobozz Magic Equipment Company for Zm85.

SOURCE(S): Spellbreaker (Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Catalog)