The traditional Frobozz Magic Carpet is a square rug about five feet on a side. Each carpet not only came with a limited-lifespan, but with a red label detailing instructions for use:

Hello, Aviator!
To control your magic carpet,
just say "FLY" to fly and "LAND" to land.

In 966 GUE, the new Contortayarn carpet was released. This laboratory-tested carpet was so realiable that even the psychic storms of gomar could not deflect them from its course. Supercharged for quick pick-up and sustained pep. Foot-loomed for strength and durability. Easy to maneuver with special Contortayam that lets one squeeze through cracks and breeze through even the densest traffic jams. Can hold up to 63,000 rps. Stone washable. When they were released, they were sold direct from the company for zm450, while the supercharge was an additional zm75.

The Frobozz Magic Magic Equipment Company claimed that the carpets sold at the Bazaar could not match the strength and reliability of those offered by them. Apparently this was true, as in 966 the Bazaar sold several one-man only Frobozz Magic Magic Carpets made of all-unnatural fibers, but over-priced at zm800. One of these was described as being of unusual design. It was blue, beautifully woven and had a pattern that looked different each time it was looked at. Sometimes, for example, it was an array of cubes pointing upward, and other times it was the same array pointing downward. There was a jaunty fringe around the outer edge.