The first of FrobozzCo’s myriad subsidiaries, the Magic Cave Company was formed to implement Pseudo-Duncanthrax’s massive tunneling project, including the Great Underground Highway System. The company grew to become an umbrella for a wide range of underground construction projects. Two of the most ambitious construction projects ever attempted by the Magic Cave Company were the Flood Control Dam #3 and the quenching and hollowing out of a mighty volcano near Aragain. In addition to these landmark projects, the Magic Cave Company created an additional 46,000 linear bloits of tunnel in 778, including nearly 200 bloits of the Great Underground Highway extension, as well as 8,000 cubic bloits of additional cavern space.

The Frobozz Magic Cave Company won an unequaled amount of honors, including the much-coveted Dirtiest Shovel in the Great Underground Empire award.