Compressor (A) / (B)
   Pressurizer (A)


There are two similiar models of this device which, uused in the coal mines of the Empire,  is capable of transforming coal into large diamonds.

The first model, the Frobozz Magic Compressor, is shaped vaguely like a washing machine, with white enamel sides and a large on top. The controls consist of one solitary button. A warning message was usually attached to the machine which explained that using the Compressor more than three times in one day can cause the machine's delicate magic circuits to overload. Those who have attempted such a foolhardly feet have found themselves, as well as a good chuck of the surrounding coal mine, removed in the resulting pyrotechnic display.

The second model, referred to as the Frobozz Magic Pressurizer to distinguish it from the other, is a large grey machine which is reminiscent of a clothes dryer. On its face is a switch which is labeled "START". The switch is not able to be manipulable by any human hand (unless the fingers are about 1/16 by 1/4 inch), but most common screwdrivers are capable of performing such a feet. On the front of the machine is a large lid. When the switch is turned, the machine comes to life with a dazzling display of colored lights and bizarre noises. After a few moments the excitement abates. While most objects placed within are transformed into rather insubstantial slag which crumbles into dust at the touch, coal always returns as large diamonds.