The Frobozz Magic Homing Pigeon, though strikingly lifelife, is merely a clay reproduction and comes complete with ceramic perch. When the pigeon is picked up, the carrier will find himself instantly teleported to the location of the perch (from a mere two inches away to thousands of bloits). Those who have travelled in this method have described the experience as a dizzy-feeling, like that which one gets from drinking Miznia wines too quickly, that passed once the teleportation process is complete.

When the inert pigeon was brought to the magical mirror lake, where the hidden magical properties of any enchanted object will be revealed in its reflection, it appeared soaring majestically through space as widespread wings, bearing a ride regally upon its back. And there was not an image of a ceramic perch, but of ap roud mouintain aerie with a powerful bird flying toward the nest from a great distance.