Frobozz Magic Monitors are also known as crystal balls. During the First Age of Magic, the traditional crystal ball was one of hte wizard's most important projective devices. After years of trying cheaper glass, discriminating soothsayers came back to crystal. The Frobozz Magic Equipment Company never left. Their crystals were mined exclusively from the legendary Caves of Vision, whose clarity and depth were world renowned. All their glass was flaw-free, ground to exacting tolerance, and lovingly polished. "Don't be fooled by shortcuts and half-measures," spoke their own catalog.

In 966 GUE, these magic monitors were available in all sizes from "egg" to "jumbo", and could be purchased direct from the Frobozz Magic Equipment Company: egg sized (zm34), orange sized (zm39), grapefruit sized (zm45), jumbo sized (zm59).