"Our full line of scrolls offers performance options to please even the most fussy wizard," as printed in the Frobozz Magic Equipment catalog to advertize their beautiful vellum and parchment Frobozz Magic Scrolls, which were said to be suitable for any spell.

The company bought their vellum from a small small village in the Flathead Mountains where they really knew their sheep. Before the end of the First Age of Magic, they had been the company's exclusive supplier for generations because their vellum is the smoothest and whitest they had ever encountered. Frobozz Magic Scrolls were also available in parchment, which was less costly then vellum and better suited for those short-term spells.

In 966 GUE, scrolls could be purchased direct from the Frobozz Magic Equipment Company for the following prices:
blank vellum scrolls, sheet form zm28
blank parchment scrolls, sheet form zm16