The Frobozz Magic Spell Company, established in 758 at the latest, had the well-heeled Enchanters Guild as its primary customer. The invention of self-casting spell scrolls in 778 created a huge new market for magic technology. Sales increased 11% during 778, marking the twentieth year of steady growth for this lucrative FrobozzCo subsidiary. In response to the growing demand for magic spell accessories, several new FrobozzCo divisions were formed, including the Frobozz Magic Scroll Rack Company, the Frobozz Magic Spell Book Company, and the Frobozz Magic Scroll Mailing Tube Company. Four new amazing spells were added to the Magic Spell Company product in 778, a Magic Spell Company record and a tribute to the wizards in FrobozzCo's famous Magiclab. The four new spells were DRILBO (strips a floor of yellowed wax), BORCH (puts insects to sleep), GIZGUM (predicts visits by relatives) and QUELBO (transmutes coconuts into gold).