The Frobozz Magic Temporizer is a time machine, able to be used to travel backward or forward in time. Weighing hundreds of pounds, the device was made of a seat with a console in front. On the console was a single button and a dial connected to a three-digit display which could be set from 0-999 (this was the year (GUE) which the machine would take its rider to when the button was pressed). Within the actual mechanism of the time machine, there were three special switches. One switch had been dipped in copper, one had been dipped in silver, and one had been dipped in gold. The only unfortunately disadvantage to this machine was the inability to transport objects with the subject.

The only known Frobozz Magic Temporizer was installed in the Royal Museum's Technology Museum during the reign of Dimwit Flathead in 777 GUE. There it rested for many, many years until it was used by the 948 GUE by the Second Dungeon Master in his quest to steal Dimwit's royal treasures from the past.

Sometime soon after, between 948-966 GUE, one of the time machine's important components was stolen by unknown hands, the Golden Dipped Switch. Morgrom the Essence of Evil planned to use this time machine for his own wicked schemes to restore the Empire to its former splendor, but with him on the throne instead of the Flatheads. When Morgrom brought it up from the distant, ruined Royal Hall (which cost him dearly in time, money, and labor) he discovered that the Golden Dipped Switch was missing. Bewitching Mirakles to swear an oath to recover the switch, Mirakles descended into the Dungeon of Zork to seek it out. The Autoexec, also desiring to use the temporizer to usurp the Control Character's position, waited for the opportune time to acquire it right out of the hands of Mirakles and his companions.

Though the quest was long and required many difficulties, Mirakles, unable to remit his oath, returned to present Morgrom with the Golden Dipped Switch. But in the process, Spike stole the other two switches, thus preventing Morgrom's plans to be birthed. Shortly after, the Control Character deleted Morgrom. The switches were all replaced in the time machine. Then Glorian was able to use it to return to 948 GUE and place the leaflet into the mailbox for the Second Dungeon Master to find on his quest to gain the title.