One of the newest and brightest members of the FrobozzCo family, the Magic Tweezers Company was formed after a 652,000-zorkmid market research survey revealed a widespread need for a high-quality technologically advanced tweezer. The Board of Directors of FrobozzCo welcomed the company aboard and were confident that the new division would pluck a lot of business for the parent conglomerate.

Following several years of planning and development, the Frobozz Magic Tweezer Model A-1 was ready to roll off the assembly lines and into millions of homes all across the Great Underground Empire in 778 GUE. The A-1, which retailed for Zm0.29, had sold briskly in test markets. By the middle of 779, a top of the line Model X-1 tweezer, said to be as functional as it was good-looking, was scheduled to be introduced and would retail of Zm0.89. Six more models, as well as various odd-on accessories were on the drawing board by the end of 778.