FrobozzCo Building
       FrobozzCo Building 1:1000 model


The FrobozzCo World Headquarters Building in Flatheadia, designed by Frank Lloyd Flathead and built by the Frobozz Magic Construction Company in 781 GUE, was easily the tallest, most impressive building in all of Quendor. Overlooking exaggerations such as "on a clear day you can see the FrobozzCo Building from anywhere in the world," it was still the most ambitious building ever designed or built. A FrobozzCo Building address was most prestigious, and Frank Lloyd himself had a penthouse office, until a slight case of acrophobia forced him to relocate to a nineteenth-story office with a pleasant southern exposure. However, the FrobozzCo Building would not stand forever. In 883 the Curse of Megaboz destroyed Flatheadia, forcing FrobozzCo to relocate their headquarters to 1533 Dimwit Boulevard in the city of Borphee.

The basement of the FrobozzCo Building was not only a place of sturdy walls, designed to support the 400 stories above, but also the site of the Frobozz Philharmonic Hall. Despite its widewells, to relieve overcrowding, shortly before Curse Day of 883, all employees who worked above the 75th floor were given teleportation tokens. Company officers would continue to receive teleportation tokesn regardless of floor. This also strictly charged that employees with tokens would no longer be dismissed early for "stair-climbing" time.

A 1:1000 scale model of the FrobozzCo World Headquarters Building was laced by the First Dungeon Master into Megaboz's cauldron in attempt to halt the curse.