Frobuary, the second month of the calendar year, consists of 28 days in every region, save for in Antharia, where Antharian Leap Week uniquely provides that region with 35 days for this month.

Frobuary is proceeded by Estuary and followed by Arch.

Holidays falling in Frobuary include Undergroundhog's Day (on the third of the month) and Antharian Leap Week (which begins on the 29th).

Frobuary was originally called Fidooshiary until it was purchased by the Frobozz Magic Month Company in 817 GUE. Frobuary was a traderune of the Frobozz Magic Month Company until the company's collapse in 1247. Beforehand, it had been unnecessary for anyone writing the name of the month to add the traderune mark: Frobuary(TR).

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero