Frobwit the Flatter was the third king of the Flathead Dynasty, ruling the kingdom from Egreth Castle during the years 701~727 GUE.

With the succession of Belwit’s son in 701, Frobwit the Flatter, came an even less restrained appreciation for magic, as well as an even flatter head. The king encouraged magical experimentation (or, rather, fostered an environment where thaumaturgists did not feel as restrained in their experimentations). Thus his 26 year reign is noted mainly for a flourishing of the art and science of Thaumaturgy. During this period the first reliable magic wand was produced.

It is rumored that Frobwit encouraged magical experimentation and he allegedly looked into the creation of an incredibly fast form of mail service as his grandfather had created an incredibly large empire. In short, Frowit was trying to improve the basic infrastructures that helped society to run smoothly. The end result was what historians call The Lost Mail Room of Frobwit, which some people doubt ever existed at all.

In 723, Frobwit fell into the lake. He was soaked to the bone and his crown was terribly askew when he climbed out to the laughs of his observers. He took it all in good humor and only imprisoned a few of the servant boys over the mistake. In his youth everyone would have been fed to dragons, but it is supposed that age mellowed him to a degree.

By the time of Dimwit Flathead's birth in 723, it was already clear that Frobwit’s son Timberthrax would never produce an heir to the throne. Despite this, Timberthrax Flathead was still the next in line to the royal crown and succeeded his father in 727. Phloid, another son of Frobwit, would later take the throne  in 738.