Legends of this magical kingdom date back before the reign of Entharion the Wise (0-41 GUE). Lullabies sing of places such as Froon. Said to lie somewhere beyond the clouds, it was a place of swooping songbirds, dainty cottages, sun-dappled streets lined by a rainbow of flowers, with the air filled with gentle fragrances. In fact, the exceptionally beautiful flowers are a race of tiny people, standing no taller than two feet.

Froon was the setting for a series of beloved children's books by L. Frank Fzort, and later became a successful movie musical starring Judy Garlic, entitled "The Wizard of Froon." It is believed that the Wizard is most likely an authentic historical figure in the land of Froon.

In the year 966 a humble peasant-turned-adventurer discovered that there is truth behind the Froon legend. This adventurer had the odd experience of being transporte by a tornado from the Fields of Frotzen in a tiny farmhouse to Froon (which is the only known method of reaching it short of AIMFIZ). Quite by accident the adventurer won the gratitude of the natives by killing the Heeled One, a boot who had tormented the people of Froon for over 300 years. For accomplishing this feet, Grope, Mayor of the City of Froon, offered the adventurer one of three of the keys to the Kingdom of Froon (lavender, puce, or mauve). These phony keys are actually cheap pieces of styrofoam, cut into the shape of a giant key, spray painted and sprinkled with bits of glitter with the words "City of Froon" scrawled in crayon across the front. These sparse details are all that is known of this strange, hidden land.

Strange dancing munckins, dwelling within an enormous emerald tower, where discovered along the Gurth Woodland Trail during the Second Age of Magic. These curious people may be distant relatives of the people of Froon.