Fublio Valley was once a richly verdant area at the southern tip of the Flathead Mountains that was defoliated in the eighth century. It lies 91 bloits south of Flatheadia, and 75 bloits south of the Shadowland. In the year 789, Lord Dimwit Flathead ordered the destruction of 1,400 square bloits, or 400,000 acres, of Fublio Valley forest to make way for an immense nine-bloit-high statue of himself. In the process, Flathead's men were required to protect him from the the riotous residents of the Fublio  Valley, who opposed the giant statue his Royal Excessively Highness was constructing at the expense of their neighborhood. This especially angered one of its residents, Megaboz, who set out to curse the king and his entire Dynasty in 789. It was not until the mid-tenth century that the barren area began its arduous task of refoliating the valley. Still today, the huge statue of Dimwit Flathead casts a dark shadow across the land; although it is deteriorating, the lower half covered with vines and pterodactyls nesting on the flat top of the statue's head.

Fublio Valley is also noted for an abandoned rock quarry, and the fact that for some odd reason it has always been a favorite spot for wizards (such as Megaboz the Magnificent, Gumboz the Magnificent, and Korboz the Magnificent) who once enjoyed a hermitic lifestyle there. These wizards used the Valley as a site to practice their magical/religious rituals involving stone cairns.

It may also be noted that during the during the first printing of Dimwit Flathead's "My Best Excesses" (sometime within the two years before his death), Lord Dimwit frantically pulled roughly half of the pages from the press and had them sealed and buried four bloits underground, directly beneath the future site of his nine-bloit statue. Due to severe unfeasibility and general lack of interest, the missing text remained buried for over three centuries. But renewed interest in the Flathead Dynasty, sparked by the Grand Inquisitor’s call for a return to Flathead values, generated the funding necessary to carry out the largest excavation ever undertaken to successfully recover the pages.

IMAGE01: Fublio Valley (alt large version)