Gladius Fzort, grandfather of Harmonious Fzort, held one of five seats on king Zylon's council at the end of the fourth century. The other four were Zilbo Throckrod (Zilbo I), General Darborn Griffspotter, Hargood of Mareilon and Dinbar. When Zylon took time to visit remote parts of the kingdom, these five were always left in charge of the affairs of the state and the control of Largoneth Castle. Before attending to Zylon the Age, Gladius has once entertained notions of a career as a healer himself.

It was well known that the Zilbo and Gladius were generally considered to be the most important powers on the council, caught in what many perceived to be a constant struggle to gain the king’s favor. Concurrently, there was often heavy contention between Gladius and Griffspotter, as Gladius had often criticized the General’s bold approaches and desire for power.

In 398 GUE, Zylon the Aged was poisoned by his own servant Endeth Belzgar, who had been possessed and controlled by the fallen Implementor Belegur to do so. In response, General Griffspotter, unwilling to see the country arising in panic over Zylon’s condition, ordered the royal guard to seal off the castle to prevent the spreading of rumors. A group of physicians and magicians were summoned to the king's chamber, but were unable to determine the cause of illness or a cure.

Several council meetings were held afterwards. Since Zylon had no heir, the five regents battled over who would be next in line. Until Zylon could be restored, or name the heir to the throne, Gladius Fozrt, along with the other four regents took temporary control of the kingdom of Quendor.

After the magicians completed a Spell of Linking in hopes to preserve Zylon's life force, Zilbo and Dinbar prepared for their depature to Galepath University to seek the Sacred Scrolls of Fizbin, hoping that the documents would reveal the location of the Pool of Stasis so that Zylon may be further preserved if no remedy could be found. Gladius Fzort was hesitant to let the two go, mostly worried that with Zilbo’s stabilizing presence gone, Griffspotter might make use of a perfect opportunity to take control. Refusing to be hindered by the concerns of Gladius, Zilbo and Dinbar left for Galepath via teleportation.

From thereon, Gladius Fzort played little role in the recovery of the Sacred Scrolls of Fizbin and the defeat of Belegur (which resulted in the recovery of the king). He instead stayed behind while Zilbo and Griffspotter led the armies from Largoneth. In the same year, following the victory, Zylon the Aged ascended to the Timeless Halls, leaving Zilbo Throckrod (Zilbo I) to be the next ruler of Quendor. Gladius Fzort remained a royal advisor at Largoneth, inadvertently becoming the father of one of Quendor’s most famous political families.451 GUE would put his grandson Harmonious Fzort upon the throne.