Galepath University, Notice of Expulsion

For well over a millenium it has been the ambition of every young student of history, of religion, of philosophy, and of magic to attend Galepath University, one of the prestigious Moss-League Colleges.

It was from the great halls of Galepath that the renowned professor Antor Zilbarion delivered his famous lectures on the creation of the universe, the early years of the kingdom, and the reason for the existence of broccoli. Zilbarion, of course, is only one example of all that makes Galepath University the place that it is. The great Bilboz, one of Zilbarion's students near the turn to the fifth century, was on the faculty, from where in 459 he wrote a lengthy pamphelt entitled "On the Evil of the Zucchini Plant." Leonardo Flathead himself would attend the University in the eighth century.

University security is comprised of cohorots of trained brogmoids, which ensured that not a single book ever disappeared from the library's priceless collection. The only records of any documents being illegally removed was during a specific instance in 398, when a minion of Belegur stole the Sacred Scrolls of Fizbin and several other historical works. No other building on the University grounds had quite the collection of rare valuables that the library did, and so over the years, campus security had become essentially synonymous with library security.

High on the list of that school’s assets is the University Library. Far more valuable than any wizened professor could ever hope to be, the library holds hundreds, indeed thousands of ancient scrolls, maps, and detailed histories of events long forgotten by the outside world, filling it from floor to ceiling. Its bowels are filled from floor to ceiling with stores, old legends and prophecies of all kind. Every holy word that has ever been written lies within these walls. When the library was founded, dozens of researchers traveled to all corners of the world in search of all forms of written knowledge, and they returned with the most remarkable collection known to mankind.

The entrance to the library has always been open to the public. Expert cartographers can journey to Galepath and look upon a map of the world as drawn by the earliest explorers over two millennium ago. When troubled times descend on the kingdom, the best sorcerers of the realm can turn to the writings of the Mages of Arbroneth. Religious leaders now have the luxury of reading the divinely inspired words of the Scrolls of Kar’nai, long feared lost in the religious wars of the north. In short, the library at Galepath represents the sum total of all human knowledge. In the darkest recesses of the library lay piles of forgotten tomes that have yet to be analyzed and revealed to the world. Hundreds of people are employed by the University merely to organize and study these obscure works. Armies of scribes are immersed in the never-ending task of copying ancient documents, so that they might be sent to scholars in other, far away provinces.

Litbo Mumblehum was the Chief Librarian from an unknown date until 398 GUE.

In 683 GUE, serious students from such institutions as Galepath University and Mithicus Province University took up the cause of magic in their spare time, attempting to explain the natural world as by-product of the interrelated workings of the sciences of Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Thaumaturgy. Eventually, some of these students achieved high-ranking positions on the faculties of several moss-league colleges. Their success in demonstrating the so-called first principles of Thaumaturgy, namely Presence, Incantation, and Unusual Effect, led to a loosening of the Unnatural Acts to allow what became known as Scientific Thaumaturgy and the Dawn of the Scientific Age of Magic.

The University published the "Journal of Quendoran Medicine" in at least the 870s.

The President of Galepath University in 914 GUE was Dr. Belzork Anthrax.

Erasmus Sartorius briefly attended the college until his expulsion in 914 GUE.