The gar banzo whale eats sea llimas in the Zargasso seaweed fields until their distended bellies force them to the surface. They then propel themselves after prey by use of an extra blow hole in their aft belly. Sadly the beasts are sometimes beached by injudicious use of their bean juice, and in the worse cases they may explode. It is not difficult to tell when one has recently passed. Those caught in a particularly potent green fog should wait until it thins to use open flame. The greatest danger is on moonless nights near cliff overhangs and in sea caves, such as favored by smugglers and pirates; by the time the danger is detected it is often too late.

The gar banzo ambergris is a product that is similiar to wax or lard, and is extremely pugnent.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence with author of 'A Wizard and His Cocoa' quest)