The one-time street lord Gezlin was a noticeably short man and a Millucis native, part of a ravenous gang known as the Hellhounds (the tatooed hellhound on his left shoulder proclaimed gang afflication). The way of life for this angry, impatient, short-tempered man was simple, "Kill or be killed. Take what you need. Destroy what’s left. Demand power, and don’t take no for an answer." One of the few men who dared to challenge Gezlin's opinion in the open was Ettelwhiff; had it been any other, they would quickly have experienced the sharp edge of Gezlin's blade in a deadly spot. He denied the existence of the great brogmoid.

Although Gezlin was one Mayor Hegilburg's closest confidents in the fourth century, he wanted a revolution in Mareilon. Zarfil, a descendant of Prince Argonel, sought to overthrow the Mareilon government in 398 GUE, gaining power through a unification of all the competing gangs of Millucis. Within hours of discovering that the Hellhounds had signed a truce to ally with Zarfil’s forces, Gezlin’s enthusiasm and excitement carried him to the front line for his new master, becoming one of his right hand men. Well established and boasting many connections with the discontented youth of the city, Gezlin proved a major factor in recruitment, winning over hundreds to the cause that had so possessed his soul.

When Zarfil's rebellion began, Gezlin and his troops were the ones to break through and march into the Firestone Mansion. After claming Mareilon, Gezlin marched at Zarfil's side against the forces of Galepath, where they met them at the Jerrimore Plains. The war between the two city-states was impeded by the western Nezgeth tribe, who descended upon both armies and annihilated them completely. Despite that this battle almost claimed Gezlin's life, he looked back on the days of revolution with pride.