The Golden Dipped Switch was one of three switches (the others being Silver and Copper), which were required for the operation of the Frobozz Magic Temporizer, the only known model which existed in the Royal Museum. This temporizer was fully functional, in 948 GUE when used by the man who would become the Second Dungeon Master, but its Golden Dipped Switch was stolen shortly thereafter. It would end up in the secret compartment of a Frobozz Magic Swiss Army Amulet belonging to a tortle who dwelled in the first level of the Dungeon of Zork.

Both Morgrom the Essence of Evil and the Autoexec (having been seduced by the dark side of the Switch) requried the Golden Dipped Switch to operate the temporizer for their evil schemes. While Morgrom sent Mirakles on a quest to obtain it, the Autoexec waited for the opportune time to acquire it. Mirakles received the Swiss Army Amulet with the Switch very early in his travels, not realizing that its secret compartment already contained the goal. It was not until much later, when uncovering a screwdriver, that he set forth to open the compartment. Inside was the Dipped Switch.

Immediately after its recovery, the Autoexec robbed it from Mirakles and his companions. Upon tracking the Autoexec and defeating him, the Golden Dipped Switch was recovered. Unable to break his oath, Miraklesm aware of his evil schemes, returned the Golden Dipped Switch to the wicked Morgrom. But in the process, Spike stole the other two switches, thus preventing Morgrom's plans to be birthed. Shortly after, the Control Character deleted Morgrom. The switches were all replaced in the time machine for Glorian to use.