The Great Daemon of the Threshold was a totally horrific, fire-snarling, three-headed serpent-beast. This major demon, the grand demon of them all, surrounded himself with a great ring of infernal fire, and once guarded the entrance to bowels of Hades, where the Devil himself dwelled.In those days, the only way to pass through the ring of fire untouched was to bare a large bronze, ruby shield.

This Great Daemon of the Threshold met his end in the 380s when Yoruk seized a bronze shield, stuffed with five brilliant red rubies, from the side of a careless lesser demon, plunged through the ring of fire unscathed and almost made it past the enormous grand demon. Anticipating his arrivel, the Daemon of the Threshold stepped into Yoruk's path and blocked him with its tremendous stomach. The demon laughed as Yoruk pulled out the shard of a giant tooth that he had found in his hand on the shore of the Eastlands, but it did not laugh when Yoruk swiftly struck the shard into its tremendous stomach. The enormous, fire-snarling, three-headed serpent beast known as the Great Daemon of the Threshold flailed wildly for several minutes, partially out of pain and suffering, partially out of shock, and partially because it just enjoyed the melodrama of it all. Regardless, it eventually laid down, thoroughly dead. Thus, Yoruk, armed only with the simple blade of a simple merchant, slew the Great Daemon of the Threshold in his surprise.