The Second Great Diffusion was the third attempt to destroy all evil magic in 1647 GUE. The First Great Diffusion had not been successful, merely scattering evil magic into tiny particles which over the course of four hundred years recombined. The demon Morphius was born from this fusion. He began to enslave the entire Valley of the Sparrows and his powers began to encroach into the lands beyond. Many of the most powerful magicians were subdued and turned to stone beneath his terribly spells.

In 1647 GUE, on about the twenty-first of Mumberbur, a nameless Sweepstakes Winner was able to make their way into the heart of the Citadel of Zork and defeat Morphius at a game of Survivor. As his terrible shriek of defeat echoed through the Citadel, he lost grasp of his confining spell, releasing his subjects from their stone imprisonment. Some of these followers of good magic, including Trembyle and Canuk (both which had been components of the First Diffusion), and Itah and the Holy Woman of Bel Naire, fused their powers together to again disperse evil magic and scatter the vile creature Morphius into the atmosphere. These events would be remembered at the Second Great Diffusion and the close of the Third Age of Magic. It is uncertain if the results of this dispersal of magic met the same failure as the first.