The Great Magic of 668 GUE was an event following the exposure of Pseudo-Duncanthranx and the end to the Great Labor. The fake king had used many VAXUM spells to enslave much of the population of Quendor into constructing the vast network of the Great Underground Highway system. Once these people had been freed, Satchmoz the Incomparable realized that the entire group could not return to the surface via the way that they had entered. This famous enchanter believed that he could use the TRIZBORT/SATCHMOZ ("spatial displacement spell") to transport everyone home. Everyone present was required to simultaneously concentrate on their homes in order to effuse the amount of Presence that was required by the spell. Everyone chanted “There’s no place like home” while Satchmoz cast the spell. Everyone was transported back to their respective homes, most of which were in Borphee. This event of returning home is known today as “The Great Magic.”