The Greater Borphee County Penal Codes are the product of mass democracy (sometime after 660 GUE), as the laws have been drawn up by volunteers and ratified not more than every two weeks by local forums. There are 69,105 different clauses and sub-clauses.

The Greater Borphee County Penal Codes are unique in the legal history of Quendor because they both outline the cases in which the death penalty can be used and are also the method by which people are executed. However, in some cases the death penalty may be waived and lessened to "Encouraged Suicide", whereby the convict is placed in a room filed with weapons and then they have the penal codes read out. Most people choose to club themselves to death before they reach section 13837(a)(1)(B) (A violation of subdivision (a) with regard to a vegetable garden of a peace officer, employee of the city police department or county sheriff's office, or public safety official, or the spouse or children of these persons.) If the condemned person manages to make it through half of the code without beating themselves across the head with a mace, then they are considered to have been punished enough and released.