The annual Grue Convention is held in varying locations throughout the Great Underground Empire, in which grues gather to discuss the types of things that grues yearly discuss, complete with bouncers and souvenir stand.

The GUE 948 Grue Convention was held in some caverns near the Shadowland.
The GUE 1066 Grue Convention, held in an underground convention center near Port Foozle, a rather somber year due to the "adventure famine" that had gripped gruedome in that isolated corner of the empire (as well as human dandruff levels that were above normal for that time of year). A paper presented that year by a prominent grue was entitled, "Surviving the Lean Years: Is Lurking Enough?" Souvenir postcards were entirely black, except for the same, tried-and-true slogan, "Don't forget to writhe! -- GUE 1066 Grue Convention." In honor of the festivities of the convention, the local theater put on a performance of "A Massacre on 34th Street."

One of the temporary occupants of that convention was an inquisition guard, who disguised in a grue costume, managed to make his way in and steal a pair of glasses.