Gumboz was a very obscure hermit enchanter who lived in a small shack in Fublio Valley in 883 GUE. He protected his valuables with an anti-theft device (a feeble invisible object). Apparently he had a very sick sense of humor, for when the First Dungeon Master, seeking to steal his four-gloop vial on Curse Day 883 GUE, triggered this alarm, Gumboz appeared and cast a spell upon the intruder that would cause anybody incapable of halting the magic to starve to death.

In the mid-tenth century (c. 957-966 GUE) he was a wizard of the central regions, dwelling in an isolated hut somewhere near the Borphee outskirts. During those days, Frobwit the Fair, having been carried off from his companions by giant corbies, suddenly found himself changed into the form of a porcupine. The corbie dropped him and he crashed through the roof of Gumboz's hut before reverted to his original form. Gumboz tended Frobwit's wounds and gifted him with some protection before leaving: his personal elfin sword. By the next morning, armed with the sword and a bag of provisions, Frobwit departed. Gumboz had wished that he still had strength to make such a journey.