Hades Shuttle Service is the name of the official organization responsible for the transportation of newly dead souls from the entry area of Hades into the inner realms of the Underworld proper. With Charon as the only employee, this service operates from at least two different locations. At the Dungeon of Zork entrance, newly dead are permitted to venture quite some distance beyond the gates into the realm of Hades before admission via ferry is required over the Acheron river, as opposed to the subway entrance where any entrance into Hades is forbidden until crossing the Styx which is without the gates.w

The Dungeon of Zork docking place, within the Hades gates, is around a bald and barren mount of rock where the dreadful waters of the River of Terrible Fire meet with the River of Wailing. The subway entrance has significantly less traffic compared to the congested Dungeon gateway where the boating service is almost continuous. Thus the ferry at the subway entrance is only present when summoned via the Hades Shuttle Service Courtsey Phone.