Hargood of Mareilon and Dinbar, were two court magicians which had been appointed to their posts by Zylon the Aged for their merits as wise and capable men, although their magical talents would be largely ignored by most until 398 GUE. For in those days the magical arts were rare, and both Hargood and Dinbar were but surviving sparks--brilliant, but untrained and often erractic. However, magicians like those were usually limited to flashy pyrotechnics, and would never be capable of using their skills towards destructive ends.

When Hargood was a young apprentice, before his first days in the castle, his mentor was Elthanor. Hargood studied with him, witnessed his Gatherings of the Arcane, and read the old books. He was not the most promising of all students. Elthanor passed down many spells, including knowledge of the resurrection spell. Over the years, Hargood drifted towards a fringe spiritualism that he called magic.

In the days serving Zylon the aged, Hargood witnessed the king outlive all of his descendants. The beautiful Elinear was the last girl which Zylon the Aged attempted to court. Having courted her great-grandmother in distant days, Zylon was overly concerned about the impropriety of the situation, and despite Hargood's urging for him to marry Elinear, he declined. Thus Zylon was left with no children, no heirs, no nothing. The bloodline was dead.

Towards the end of the fourth century, the five regents appointed by Zylon besides Hargood of Mareilon were Zilbo Throckrod (Zilbo I), General Darborn Griffspotter, Gladius Fzort, and Dinbar. When Zylon took time to visit remote parts of the kingdom, these five were always left in charge of the affairs of the state and the control of Largoneth

Zylon the Age ascended to the Timeless Halls in the same year, leaving Zilbo I to rule the kingdom in his stead. Hargood of Mareilon passed away mere days after Zilbo's coronation. Some claim that he went to the land beyond the skies, where he walks still with Zylon the Aged.