The aged hermit, Harlon, dressed in a tattered robe and hobbled when he walked. He lived in a dark cave in the White Cliffs on the western shore of the Frigid River just north of Aragain Falls besides Lover's Leap. His scraggly beard reached almost down the ground. After the Frobozz Magic Anti-Gravity Field was installed at Lover's Leap, Hermin missed picking up all the bones.

Until disturbed by Ellron's passing by on horse during Krill's invasion of Aragain Province in the early tenth century, Harlon had lived in his cave for nearly 800 years (early 2nd century GUE), and hadn't seen sunlight for 30 or 40 years prior to the disturbance. He owned an inflatable magic boat and offered it to Bivotar and Juranda who soon passed by minute later; but they denied its use. It is thought that this magic boat may have been the same one that was used by the Second Dungeon Master during his gathering of the Treasures of Zork from the upper level of the Dungeon.

Harlon was again visited in 948 GUE, this time by Lucien Kaine. After being befriended with a gift of waybread, the Hermit accepted payment to translate an ancient manuscript, which Lucien carried, whose script had not been used in centuries, that told about the legendary Philosopher's Stone. He was only able to partially translate the document.

IMAGE01: Bivotar and Juranda meet Harlon the Hermit outside his home