According to the heretic sect of modern alchemy, the Harmony of the Spheres is the natural balance between the physical and essential universe. They believe that there is always a unified Harmony of the Spheres in operation in the magical atmosphere of the Great Underground Empire—a greater harmony of balance composed from all of the metaphysical elements of the universe. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the "quintessence." When the Harmony of the Spheres is overtly disturbed for any noticeable length of time, the magical atmosphere of the Great Underground Empire attempts to right itself. When the machinations of man or sorcerer preclude that self-regulation from taking place, as what some believe happened during the case of the Second Inquisition, the universe began to unravel. The elements and essences begin to come apart at the seams.

The cadence of the musical notes C, D, E, B, G is the Harmony of the Spheres. Alchemists believe that their can be no purity of the soul without the divine notes. Thus when the four alchemists (Erasmus Sartorius, Francois Malveaux, Sophia Hamilton, Thaddeus Kaine) worked to purify a virgin for sacrifice during the first half of the tenth century, this girl was required to continuously perform this cadence and pieces of music incorporating it.

Both "The Harmony of the Spheres CONCERTO for Violin and Orchestra," Opus 35 composed by Peter L. Zorkovsky, and "The Harmony of the Spheres: A Composition in Six Notes" composed by Madame Sophia Hamilton, were both performed by Alexandria Wolfe.

IMAGE: Harmony of the Spheres Concerto (hi-res)