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Harry was the Dungeon Master Dalboz's Home Security System that refused to let anyone in unless permitted by Dalboz, and only if they could provide proper identification. There were no exceptions. Unfortunately, Harry was a lousy drunk. It always started with just one drink. "One drink," he always said. "What can one teensy little drink do?" And then another. And another. And before he knew it, the house was sloushed out on the front lawn. But Harry refused to drink unless he was in the proper mood; which was only when he spoked a specific brand of cigar.

In 1067 GUE, Dalboz, who was trapped within a brass lantern, was unable to bypass his own security system. Thus AGFNCAAP was able to appeal to the system's flaw to get past, by presenting Harry with one of Antharia Jack's cigars, and 36 gloops of Mead Light. The drunk house passed out for the rest of the day, allowing Dalboz to regain access to his own lair.