The Helm of Zork is a golden helmet which allows the wearer to impersonate anyone he chooses. Its powers are so great that the illusion cannot be detected even by the most wise of magic users.

Once lost since antiquity, many theories had been proposed of its location: far beyond the distant desert, resting in a shipwreck in the deepest reaches of the ocean, and in caverns deep underground. This treasure had defied the greatest adventurers for hundreds of years until just after the fall of the Great Underground Empire. However, it had been secured in an ancient castle of unknown name and origin near the edge of the Flathead Mountains (some suspect that this is in fact the same as the Summer Castle of the Flatheads in Fenshire). Its resting place was heavily guarded. Its exterior moat was the dwelling place of schools of some of the fiercest flesh-eating fish known to man. All attempts to penetrate the Helm's chamber were met by a blocked escape, tiny jets of poison puffing forth from holes in the walls, salvo after salvo of poison-tipped darts sailing through the room, robots bearing laser guns emerging from secret panels in the wall, and chainsaws descending from the ceiling, just to name a few.

At the turn of the tenth century, King Syovar the Strong was injured by the demon Jeearr during the early years of his reign. In a state of unconsciousness, Syovar was unable to attend the Conference of Quendor. The absence of his presence at the Conference would sacrifice all hope for one unified Kingdom of Zork. Thus, his son Logrumethar, sought a solution. If only he could obtain the Helm of Zork, he would be able to impersonate his father and attend the Conference in his stead. Motivated by the urgency of the situation, Bivotar and Juranda were sent to its unknown vicnity via an AIMFIZ spell. Their explorations led them to its dwelling place within the ancient castle, where they successfully acquired it without setting off its potent alarm and brought it back to Prince Logrumethar. Thus, Logrumethar, donning the Helm of Zork, attended the Conference of Quendor in the guise of his father Syovar. The magic was foil-proof, no one suspecting his impersonation, and the Treaty of Quendor was signed.

IMAGE01: Robot guardians of the Helm of Zork
IMAGE02: Ruins of a castle near the Flathead Mountains where the Helm of Zork was located