Hades Beast artwork
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Herb and Lairdus were the names of the big, fast, sassy Two-Headed Hades Beast which guarded the Great Underground Subway entrance to Hades in 1067 GUE. He was not the regular guardian, just a temp, sent from an agency, but under strict instructions not to ley any non-Hades personnel by. Those who dared to would find their head instantly bit off. In the same year, AFNGCAAP was able to bypass this ferocious beast by assuming the form of Charon with a SNAVIG spell.

Charon once gave the beast someone's severed head in the mid-eleventh century GUE (the rest of the body was sent to Nirvana, and the head mis-routed to Hades) as a play-thing. The beast delighted in playing soccer with the head each and every morning for the next few thousand years.