Adventurers are warned to stay clear of the lone heavily salivating hobgoblin, as more are most likely lurking nearby. The hideous monsters commonly travel in large packs, trapping stray adventurers from multiple sides. Their dialect is a guttural version of the human tongue, barely decipherable. While any carcass of an unfortunate animal will do, their favorite dinner is adventurer stew.

Many hobgoblins are devoted to Eros, the God of Lust, enthusiastically prepared to sacrifice any human virgin they find before him. These elaborate ceremonies are elusive; outsiders are never allowed within.

It is known that Radnor the evil warlock hired an army of hobgoblins as guardians for Egreth Castle from where he temporarily reigned.

Hobgoblins are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

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