Lobby: Beebo
Lobby: Card Rack
Lobby: Piano Bar
Front Desk
Travel Agency (high-res)
Telegram Office (high-res)
Telegram Office: Cabinet
Parlor (high-res)
Game Room (high-res)
Library (high-res)

Established in 913 GUE, Hotel New Zork is one of the finest establishments of its kind in all of Zork. From lobby to library, this plush, tasteful building is covered with both ancient oriental carpets, and also bearing the Hotel New Zork's signature, and beautiful sculpted rooms (many fashioned with signature wing-back chairs). This hotel sports a tasteful and impressive lobby complete with piano bar, travel agency, telegram office, a beautiful and bright atrium, parlor, and comfortable library with rich velvet furniture. Bellhops were always standing by, ready to address visitor questions and concerns.

SOURCE(S): Hotel New Zork