Although the best kind of lard, the disgusting stench of hungus lard is ripe enough even to make the fearless quelbees flee (at least until they plug their nostrils with their antennae); the stinking mound able to extinguish any small life form that dares to creep, crawl or slide near.

It sounds a bit frightening at first and a bit on the fattening side, but those who have built up the courage to take a bite, find that they cannot stop; the flavor lingers and blends into every aspect of life and everything seams a bit more greasier, slimier, and yellower. Despite the pugnent aroma which smells more like a rotting barnyard, a bar of glazed hungus lard mixes well; the right ingredients able to drown out the stench.

Hungus lard is one of the prime components needed to make Frobozzian Magic Cocoa of Concentration.
It is recommended for those daring to interact with raw hungus lard to not drew nigh unless equipped with an Anti-Nausea Charm.