Illumynite, Translumynite & Leisure, Incorporated was a company formed by Wizard Trembyle, Rooper, Moadikum Moodock and the mage Canuk in either the 1620s or the 1630s, after the discovery of illumynite and translumynite who harnessed both materials as a dominant manufacturing material for resort construction and the development of high technology commerical products.

After the Great Underground Empire was rediscovered in the 1640s, the four partners were excited and quickly consumed by the marketing potential of this new world; an underground resort with glowing rock formations, a giant theme park, and architecture based on the excavations of the old empire.

The first underground project of IT&L was the development of the glowing illuymnite caverns into a resort. Canuk drew up the plans for this and other land development prospects. In short time, the mage oversaw the designs of high technology commercial products, which would include the prototype Tele-Orb, lighting products, illumynite magnets, and illumynite batteries.

Before much work could be done on the projects, the IT&L headquarters (along with Moodock's Armory), both in East Shanbar were relocated to the underground regions. (The East Shanbar Times reported this event on 1640-10-06).

Moadikum planned the actual construction of Dizzy World. As a master strategist, the theme park was built like an army going into battle. When the partners decided to produce the Tele-Orb and illumynite batteries, Canuk was asked (since he was apparently the most knowledgeable person on illumynite outside of the dwarven community) to develop an interface between the batteries and the telepathic orbs. Canuk agreed to the task, but not out of friendship. He had been “instructed” to take the job by the silent voice of Morphius of whose control he had been under since 1635.

Canuk succeeded in making a device that worked with the Tele-Orb, but his personality was changing and the partnership with Rooper, Trembyle, and Moodock became strained. It was the further disappearances of Shanbar that finally pushed them all apart. Thus the bugs of the Tele-Orbs were never worked out by the time the partnership folded. The unfinished orbs could only receive but were unable to send.