The Implementors are the subject of much religious and philosophical discussion. It is known that the Implementors are a race of minor deities who dwell on the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. The Scrolls of Kar'nai describe that Eru created them as an initial body of wise spiritual beings to govern the universe. He gave them many powers: the ability to use the building blocks which Eru had already shaped to create and destroy, to forge history, even to build and regulate the planets, including the implementation of the terrain, plants and animals for each plane to which they were assigned.

The tradition in the scrolls also has it that Eru grew distrustful of his children, the Implementors, who had grown haughty, and kept certain things secret from them. The first was the knowledge of the Cubes of Foundation and their final locations; for The One knew that should one Implementor grow too powerful, the cubes could be used to undo all of Eru’s work. The same was apparently true of the Timeless Halls and the gateways into them. Eru was only known to grant the Implementors one-way tickets out of the Halls.

Other ancient legends tell of the creation of the world by these Implementors, who directed the running of great engines which produced this it and others strange and wondrous, as a test or puzzle for others of their kind. These legends go on to state that these beings stand ready to aid those entrapped within their creation. While the Implementors do not discourage the legends that the world was created by them as a plaything, but the idea has been hotly criticized by the magician-philosopher Helfax, who says "A creation of this kind is morally and logically indefensible," and discards the theory as "colossal claptrap and kludgery." Despite these remarks, worship of the Implementors has become quite common.

Another part of the legend calls the four Implementors mysterious magi who live in the lands beyond the borders of the world. Some suggest that these minor deities themselves took human form and journeyed about the world for their own entertainment. Others have suggested that the mysterious figures such as the various Dungeon Masters that hold sway over the Eastland Caverns in the years after the fall of the Great Underground Empire might have in fact been Implementors, which would indeed do much to explain the otherwise inexplicable mystery that otherwise surrounds these figures. All that is specifically known about these deities is that their ample free time is spent on costly luncheons in the Ethereal Planes where gossip and sweet nectars flow freely.

While not all of the Implementors were present at the time of creation, it is not entirely known how one achieves to this position, or if more are merely fashioned by Eru. The only evidence of future promotion to this status is that at least one member of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association, Glorian of the Knowledge, was granted this position after defeating the Autoexec in the last decade just before the close of the First Age of Magic.

Known Implementors, regardless of origin or length of reign are as follows: Belegur, Dave Lebling, Marc Blank, Brain Moriarty, and Steve Meretzky (also known as The Bearded Oracle of Yonkers) were the five most powerful and extremely well-loved by the populous until Belegur’s fall, leaving them with only four; others include Mike Berlyn, Tim Anderson, Bruce Daniels, Eddie Dombrower, Amy Briggs, Bob Bates, Jerry Wolpher, Stu Galley, Liz Langosy, Cecilia Barajas, Glorian of the Knowledge, Implementor One, and Implementor X. It is also uncertain if either Ben Siron or Don Woods were Implementors.

The Implementors directly took over FrobozzCo International sometime shortly after 948 GUE.

In 966 GUE it was discovered that the Implementors were once in possession of the fabled Coconut of Quendor, until it was stolen by an Ur-Grue (which was a fallen Implementor who had assumed the body of a grue for a vessel). This fact gives added credence to the Legend of Wishbringer, that tells of a knight slain by the Implementors in search of that Coconut.